Wiki rules

  • Articles must be related to Overcraft Origins.
  • Mods that place content on this wiki should create a subpage under “Mods” (eg. “Mods/test”), listing the blocks, items, commands, etc that the mod provides.
  • The wiki is not a place to store personal content, images …



3D blocks used in the wiki (ex. 20px) are generated using Blender and the .blend file linked in this forum post created by Calinou.

Images are 150x150 PNGs and should have the front tile on the bottom-left face as in the game.


Items (ex. Quartz Crystal) are displayed in the wiki as 2D images ranging from 20x20 to 160x160 pixels.

It is advised to create a unique version of 160x160. If you use a 16x16 image, browsers will scale up the image using interpolation and the result will not look very clean.

Create images by extracting the 16x16 version available in the GitHub repository and scale them to 160x160. Do not use scaling interpolation so that pixelized appearance is maintained. You can use GIMP for this task.

Note: currently many of the items are still 64x64.

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